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LH-Crypto – why is this crypto broker attractive for traders?

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Full-fledged crypto-trading was inhibited until recently artificially. The lack of specialized sites motivated people to abandon the idea of ​​buying virtual coins. Many cryptobirds do not inspire confidence, because they do not have the tools of a full-fledged CFD broker. What can not be said about the LH-Crypto.

This platform combines traditional stock instruments and innovative currency. It is not surprising that this resource rapidly overtook competitors and became advanced in the field of cryptotrading. LH-Crypto is a revolutionary platform optimized for trading on Forex under contracts for difference, while you can open an account not only in traditional currency, but also in a crypt.

Broker trading tools

Most of these brokers and cryptobirds can not boast of a wide range of tools. Trading operations are limited to buying and selling a crypt. Brokers working on contracts for difference, provide an opportunity to trade in the Forex market, resell stocks and some goods. This list is quite small, unlike LH-Crypto. On average, broker’s tools are wider than those of competitors by 25{27fbf75674118afc3a88dd83e95c430be8cfb79e1e1689f43fb6071b59915699}.

Trading capabilities with LH-Crypto is a wide toolkit that does not limit users. Therefore, for trading are available:

  • American, Russian, European and Asian stocks;
  • Precious metals;
  • Various commodities (energy futures, grain);
  • stock indices;
  • Synthetic pairs: crypt-precious metal, crypt-product, crypt-energy carrier, etc.

Technical side

Trade terminals of competitors – self-written programs. Therefore, the trading process is only available in the browser, which is very inconvenient when you need to quickly carry out the operation. Limited functionality does not allow for efficient analysis of the market condition, therefore, forecasts may not be accurate. The developers of LH-Crypto went a different way, and chose a modern, professional Meatrader5 terminal as the basis for trading. It is certified to work in dozens of countries, includes a web version, a program on a computer / laptop, a special application for smartphones on Android and iOS. More than 2 thousand world banks use this terminal for work, which confirms its quality and reliability. The following functions are available for trading:

  • Quotes analysis;
  • Fundamental analysis;
  • Instant order processing;
  • Automatic trading.

Opening an account and withdrawing funds

Cryptobirds only work with virtual currency, CFD brokers – only with Fiat. LH-Crypto works with both. You can open an account both in a crypt and in a fiat currency. There are 4 types of accounts: “Demo”, “Start”, “Standard” and “Pro”. The minimum deposit from 10 euros to 10 thousand euros, leverage from 1:40 to 1: 500, the withdrawal amount from 300 euros to 50 thousand euros.

Commission for broker services is minimal and partly included in the spread. For Forex operations from 0.01{27fbf75674118afc3a88dd83e95c430be8cfb79e1e1689f43fb6071b59915699}, for operations with metals from 0.03{27fbf75674118afc3a88dd83e95c430be8cfb79e1e1689f43fb6071b59915699}, for shares 0.05{27fbf75674118afc3a88dd83e95c430be8cfb79e1e1689f43fb6071b59915699}, for cryptocurrency operations 0.5{27fbf75674118afc3a88dd83e95c430be8cfb79e1e1689f43fb6071b59915699}. You can deposit money using a bank transfer, transfer from a card or an electronic payment system.

Withdrawal automatic and manual. You can automatically withdraw a fixed daily amount that depends on your account. Money is credited instantly. In manual mode, you can withdraw an amount exceeding 1 thousand euros, the money will be credited to the account within 3 days.

The removal of a swap for fiat instruments is the same as for other crypto-brokers. But for crypto instruments, the swap is charged at the expiration of the day after the order is executed. Thus, the costs of traders are reduced by almost 90{27fbf75674118afc3a88dd83e95c430be8cfb79e1e1689f43fb6071b59915699}. This technology is called Rolling Swap.