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Exciting Gold Nugget News: There Is More Gold To Be Discovered In The Australian Outback

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Gold has been on the lips of many people these days. Cash for gold vendors have been springing up almost overnight. They all seem hungry for gold.  While they want you to sell your gold, others want you to buy. For a gold bug who is into discovering nuggets the question is: are there people who are really interested in buying their gold nuggets?

Nuggets are rare and it is for that reason that gold collectors buy them. They may be appealing to look at but like any type of gold they are valuable as a long-term store of wealth.

Nuggets are basically gold deposits that have found their way to the surface either in the river or the topsoil. Nuggets come in different sizes that range from tiny flakes that you might find floating in bottles or substantially higher nuggets that weigh a couple of grams and more. The Welcome Stranger, held the prestige of being the biggest nugget found in Australia. Weighing a little over 78 kg. The stone was discovered John Deason and Richard Oates, two Cornish miners who were digging around Bulldog Gully near Moliagul on the 5th February 1869. The nugget was found lying just 3cm below the surface. The Nugget was broken down so that it could be weighed. It was sold for £10,000 which would be about £2.5 million in today’s money.

A recent discovery made in Kambalda by a driller named Henry Dole might be regarded as Australia’s biggest nugget ever found in Australia. The specimen weighs over 90kg. It was found in an underground gold mine just 500 meters below the surface. It took three miners to move the nugget and bring it to the surface. It wasn’t the only specimen that was unearthed, a second specimen weighing 60kg was unearthed. There is speculation, however if this new find should be specified as nuggets its discovery was made underground in a legitimate working mine that has actually been in existence for over 45 years. That is not as important. The exciting thing about this find is that it proves that there is still gold to be discovered out in Australia’s outback. This is why there are so many fossickers who go out there with their metal detectors in the hope of unearthing a good sized specimens that would warrant a visit to a gold buyer to sell gold nuggets Brisbane.  There is clearly a whole lot more out there and a whole lot of money to be made from what many regard as a simple hobby.

When you sell your gold nuggets Brisbane make sure to point out the rarity and the value of the stone as a collector’s item. Emphasize the quality of the gold nugget and the fact that like a rare gemstone, it is a natural phenomenon that cannot be replicated by humans. In addition to that, if you have a good looking piece, it will go a long way to appealing to someone who is looking for a rare one of a kind piece of jewellery. You may not have verified the percentage of gold and will never really know unless you melt the specimen, on the other hand, experienced gold buyers will know how to estimate the gold content. Gold nuggets are special and they happen to be one of the most sought after rare metals.